Focus India is a flagship project within the bachelor degree program of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). Organized by students for students in their final year, it allows them to apply and enhance the skills learned in school. Through the close collaboration with industrial partners, Focus India will be in its 14th consecutive successful year. For the past years this project has enriched numerous students with valuable skills. Not only the project team members have profited from this unique experience, also the communication team members as well as delegation members have broadened their horizons and have gone on to start remarkable careers or graduate programs after their graduation.

1104, 2019

Pune – “Take only memories, leave only footprints.”

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Located in the state Maharashtra at the central-west of India, Pune is famous for warm weather, many green areas, as well as its educational institutes. Surrounding the city and on [...]

504, 2019

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India

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Bangalore, the place to be for any technology company, kept us very busy the last few days. We had the chance to visit Accenture’s Innovation Hub, Cisco’s business park comprising of [...]

3103, 2019

Namaste & Grüeziwohl! – New Delhi

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New Delhi, the capital of India was our first destination. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed great hospitality. The Swiss Embassy introduced us to projects where India and Switzerland cooperate. [...]

Focus India has been one of the most intensive and horizon-broadening learning experiences. The experience of working so closely in our project team to overcome intercultural, logistical or even interpersonal challenges as a team increased my confidence of challenging and pushing myself into new areas. Thanks to the diverse network of partners, I was able to collaborate with the former Indian Ambassador as well as the Embassy of Switzerland in India for my bachelor thesis. Furthermore, the partnership with Accenture drew my interests towards working in the area of technology, which I would not have considered before. Overall, the experiences with Focus India have been one of the major influences for my start into postgraduate professional life.”

Katrin Schneider | Project Team Member, Focus India 2017, Program & Project Management Associate, Accenture

“During the on-site seminar the whole Focus India delegation had the unique chance to visit various types of multinational as well as local corporations from different industries and backgrounds. The possibility to get an in-depth insight into the Indian culture and the way of doing business in India was amazing and could not be more genuine and educational. Even though, the whole trip throughout India was tough and challenging at some points, I can truthfully recommend everyone to take the unique chance and sign up to actively participate in Focus India Business Program.”

Yves Plamenig | Delegation Member, Focus India 2015, CFO Plamenig & Partner Group GmbH

“There is no better way to obtain skills and competences, which will help you in your everyday business life than being part of Focus India. Furthermore, this project is a must have for establishing first class business contacts and will be the highlight in everyone’s curriculum vitae.”

Simon Anliker | Project Team Member, Focus India 2015, Consultant Deal Advisory – Diligence Service, KPMG

”In the one year that I was part of Focus India, I have learned more than I initially imagined I would. In addition to theoretical classes at school, I acquired practical skills within the scope of the project that prepared me for my job after my studies and therewith, my future career path. Most importantly, I had the chance to work in a business environment that is different from what I had seen and learned here in Switzerland. This truly amazing experience not only taught me how to conduct business in another country, but also brought me closer to my cultural heritage.”

Chetna Aggarwal | Project Team Member, Focus India 2016, Executive (Admin.), Aggarwal AG