Focus India is a flagship project within the bachelor degree program of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Organized by students for students in their final year, it allows them to apply and enhance the skills learned in school. Through the close collaboration with industrial partners, Focus India will be in its tenth consecutive successful year. For the past years this project has enriched numerous students with valuable skills. Not only the project team members have profited from this unique experience, also PR-team members as well as delegation members have broadened their horizons and have gone on to start remarkable careers or graduate programs after their graduation.

Focus India 2016: Gain, Train and Sustain

India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. But alongside this pace of development, various challenges have risen and will gain importance in the next years. With the world’s largest youth population, India will be challenged to provide sufficient employment for the huge number of people in the working age. In addition, the growing economy is in deep need of skilled and well-educated employees in order to be able to compete on a domestic and international level. Therefore, the project team of Focus India 2016 will focus on how Swiss, Indian and international companies gain and train young, skilled employees in order to ensure high quality and performance in a competitive and sustainable manner. Additionally, the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking, which are crucial factors for a company’s successful development and growth, will be incorporated in the project.


Chetna Aggarwal
Chetna AggarwalOn-site Seminar & Finance
Rigzin Dotschung
Rigzin DotschungPreparatory Seminar & Communication
Selina Widmer
Selina WidmerSponsoring & Coordination
Oliver Roggwiller
Oliver RoggwillerPR & Communication
Joel Vogt
Joel VogtPR & Communication
Prof. Pieter Perrett
Prof. Pieter PerrettProject Supervisor