Having spent our first night in Baroda, we were looking forward to an eventful day: The morning was planned for sightseeing, whereas the afternoon implied company visits in Baroda. We took off to a beautiful, old mosque called “Champaner”, which was about an hour away by bus. The entire group was impressed by the incredibly detailed work in the stone walls and ceiling of the mosque. Imagining it was all done by hand it’s simply unbelievable! To us it was no wonder this site belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Very close to the first mosque was a smaller one, which we visited shortly after. Here also, the majority of the group was impressed with enchanted expressions on their faces.

Then the second part of the day started, which began with a warm welcome at the company Integra India: Everyone received a rose at the entrance (thank you Corinne J). After being introduced to some key facts, we got a very detailed insight on the production plant which helped us to understand the processes of the company. It was impressive to see how much value was set on excellent quality in manufacturing e. g. by manual labor. Following was a great lunch with Indian and European pizza provided by our hosts from Integra India, the visit continued by a view of the manufacturing facilities of Oerlikon Textile, which is situated next to Integra India. Not only the engineering students, but all of us were very interested in the manufacturing process of textile machines.

Already at nine o’clock in the morning, we found the weather in Baroda hotter than in Delhi. This perception turned out to be true, since our guide told us it had been 41 degrees Celsius in Baroda the day before. It became increasingly warmer during the day, nevertheless the group remained focused regarding the interesting insights and views we got of how high quality machines are produced in India.

The day ended with a quick dip in the hotel pool and an Indian barbecue at “Barbecue Nation” in Baroda.

Hjördis Hansen, Benjamin Gugger

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